Friday, November 26, 2010

100 Days with Jordyn

My last blog entry was April 20th, 2010 (a mere 7 months ago) when I first introduced you to miss Jordyn via ultrasound. Today I celebrated the 100th day of my baby girls life. What joy she has brought to myself, Jeff, and Jacob !! Jacob was 4 1/2 when Jordyn was born and at an age and maturity level that helped him transition into big brother mode with ease. I could not have asked for a better son and baby girl and look forward to doing life with them. I thank God daily for the gifts of my two happy healthy children.

I am excited for these transition times as she learns to roll over, sit up, pull up, talk, and eventually walk. She will be growing by leaps and bounds in the upcoming months and I can't wait to watch her accomplish these milestones. Along with my excitement and anticipation comes feeling of sadness that my baby is growing up. Then I look at Jacob and he amazes me everyday with his humor, compassion, and intellect - and it makes me more excited to see her personality develop. She has been smiling for about 3 weeks now and there is nothing better for a mamma than seeing that sweet sweet face.

I can not say enough how much I love my husband and children - family is everything to me !!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet Jordyn

So the last time I posted was April of 2009 - I am NOT a good blogger !! So, here's the latest. On April 15th we received the news that baby Kamp 2010 will be a GIRL !! Wow, completely not what I was expecting. I thought for sure we'd have another boy and wouldn't need new clothes, room decor, or toys. Jeff was right all along, his gut feeling was that it would be a girl. My gut and I have argued (literally) since January so I wanted nothing to do with my gut feelings... ha ha. Jacob is THRILLED... from the beginning he has said he wanted a little sister. His family structuring philosophy comes from The Berenstein Bears... there's a mama, a papa, sister, and brother.... and that's the way it's supposed to be. While watching Jordyn on the ultrasound, we've determined she's going to be a soccer player... she likes to stretch and kick her legs. Thankfully, she's just about a pound and not big enough to feel those kicks yet !! The ultrasound looked good and from what they can tell she is developing normally and well on her way to joining our family in August.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A good swift kick in the butt !

That is what I need ! I have been slacking off with my diet and exercise. Grrr. How frustrating ! Last Saturday I broke down and bought this boot camp workout DVD. I am hoping that Bob will kick my butt. Now - this is Wednesday and I bought it Saturday and haven't worked out yet. Tonight is the night. Moving the treadmill to the "new house" was a big mistake on my part. I haven't walked all winter. Now - it's showing : ( I think I have it arranged to come back to the basement on Friday. *Fingers crossed*. I am VERY excited that weather is changing and we can be outside working and walking. I need to get back on the wagon. Maybe this blog will inspire me. I need friends and family to motivate and encourage me. So - if you're planning a stroll give me a ring... or offer to come walk with me around my "country block".

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Things

Ahhh... spring has sprung around the Kamp household and one thing that spring brings are new babies !! Here is "Lady Lightning" - the newest member of our family. She is a 8 week old chocolate lab.

Now, many people say we are crazy for getting ANOTHER lab (Ella is our 2 year old yellow lab) but we really did it for Ella. We felt like a puppy would spice up her life (and ours!!) So far this has worked wonderfully. They LOVE each other. They play together and wear each other out. They run around and when they come in they are tired. When they nap - they like to be right next to each other.

I feel like we are 10 steps ahead with Lady than we were with Ella. Maybe that is because we know what to expect. She is VERY good at being in her crate and only whines during the night when she has to go potty.

Time will tell if we've made the right decision but so far (after 7 days) we're happy with the new addition. Lots of potty accidents to clean up but that is to be expected with a new puppy. She is confined to the dining room right now so cleanup on the hardwood floor is super easy.

We are eagerly awaiting the sale of our house (no buyer yet) and will be able to move to another house where fencing the yard will be much easier. This will help TREMENDOUSLY !!! Stay tuned....


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome Back Me !

Seriously... it's been almost a year since I last blogged. Wow - I am REALLY embarassed! Ok... so there has been a lot going on lately. Last year I spent 3 week in the hospital (3 of 52 doesn't sound like ALOT but really... it seemed to suck a couple of months out of me). Enough with exuses. I am comitting to being better at this... Starting tomorrow : ) Off to watch Ben play Rugby, do some grocery shopping, and probably grab a bit with the 'fam. C-ya later.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cutie Pie

We had some beautiful weather this weekend around here. Jacob loves to pose for the camera and anytime I have one in my hand (which seems to be a lot) he starts smiling and saying "smile". Here he was cheezin before church and then being all cute for the camera at BW3's. It was a busy weekend. We did church Saturday then on Sunday we headed to Jeff's parents lake cottage (weekend retreat) for a big shindig. I do believe 25 racks of ribs were on the order. 4 neighbors (houses) participated in the cookout and each invited their own clans to join them. BBQ were had by all... of course except me. Since my pancrease is still "sick" I have to eat very low fat. Unfortunately... ribs aren't on my menu. My mother in law bought special food for me and I had grilled chicken, mashed potatoes (without butter), and green beans. It was yummy. The one bite of ribs I stole from Jeff were wonderful though! Deffinately could have indulged in more. But alas, I refrained. Then Monday... the big holiday we did some work outside, hung out as a family, did some diaper shopping ($$), and ended the day with dinner at the Old country Buffet for Mike B's birthday. There were 20 people for dinner. It was nice and I think Mike enjoyed himself.

Back to the diaper issue. we are working on potty training around our house again. I am feeling more up to it these days and I'm tired of paying boo-ku bucks for diapers. That's my rant for today. Stay tuned for more pictures from this weekends big cookout!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jacob Lately

The other night Jacob fell asleep in the car on the way home from Lisa & Jesse's house. When we brought him in he was insistant that he needed a drink but couldn't stay awake to enjoy his cup of milk. There is nothing more peaceful than watching your child sleep. Too cute !!

Jacob loves to watch "the singing show" so he was all excited about the finals. Here, he pulled his little chair directly in the center of the TV and was watching David Cook rock out. He was up past his bedtime but was well behaved and happy so he watched the whole show.